#Mins Game - Final Week

I feel the need to share that this game never got as difficult as I expected it to, and I keep asking myself if that means I did something wrong.

I don’t know if there’s technically a wrong way to play the Minimalism Game, as long as you’re getting rid of the appropriate number of items and the items are things you’re holding onto that you should get rid of. I just thought that, after two previous purges and three yard sales, it was going to be a struggle. 

I mean, I was expecting to get to Day 31 and be completely clueless, so desperate I would have to resort to something like this: Today, I got rid of 31 pieces of dog hair I pulled from the carpet.

But no. When I was perusing my apartment on Day 31, the final day, I actually found more than 31 items, and I had to narrow it down. That has me considering Mins Game, Round Two.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s a peek at the last few days of my #MinsGame.

On Day 22, I re-evaluated the clothing situation and brought my husband in on the fun.

He had just as many skinny clothes as I did, and they were taking up so much space. My in-laws gave us a huge bedroom set when we moved to Huntsville, and we have somehow managed to fill up every single drawer with clothes. Just look at this. Between the two pieces, do you see all these drawers?! 

Most of that dresser on the right was full of our skinny clothes we were hoping to someday fit into again.

Hey, look, I literally can't wear anything in this entire drawer!
Yep. I was thinking of it as The Drawer of Motivation, but in reality, it had become The Drawer of Shame, Guilt, and Sadness. 

And of course, there was also our closet. Ugh. Anyway, on Day 22, Matt got rid of almost all of his too-small clothes, and I tossed out a couple more clothing items as well. Doesn’t he look like he’s having so much fun?

On Day 23, it was more of the same.

So. Many. Too-Small. Clothes. 

After consulting my Instagram followers on what to do with skinny clothes you want to fit into someday, I decided to take the majority’s advice and let it all go. Keeping all these clothes that don’t fit is keeping negativity in my life. 

These clothes almost feel like a burden; every time I see them, I’m reminded that I’ve let myself go, that I’m not who I want to be, that I can’t achieve my own goals. I don’t need that negativity in my home, in my life. And you know what? If I do ever work hard enough to lose weight again, I’ll deserve some new clothes that I can pick out then. That can be my reward.

On Day 24, I returned to the office, where I knew I could find a treasure trove of stuff to get rid of.

Lots of pens and mechanical pencils, three of, like seventy-seven USB flash drives, a wind-up flashlight, a really annoying file holder that doesn’t actually hold files without bending them, some labels I’ve never used, some stationery I don’t use, and the Mellow Mushroom employee handbook, which I don’t see a need to hang onto.

For Day 25, I returned to the office, where I'd seen a lot of junk the previous day that needed to go.

All that stuff up top? Primarily takeout menus from restaurants in Kirksville, Missouri. Below that, my Beachbody coach folder and a ton of paperwork that went with it. Another empty folder I don't like. A liquid glue pen and foam brushes for crafting days that never come. An extra wooden bird cutout I got in case I messed up the DIY wedding cake toppers I made for our reception two years ago (lol). A duplicate pen holder that I got at Dollar Tree over a decade ago. Six writing instruments I don't like. And a pair of kindergarten safety scissors clearly not designed for obese adult hands. 

Day 26. Get ready for some grossness. I hit up the bathrooms.

Okay. Not sure where to start here. An old toothbrush, some empty oil bottles, some expired antibiotics we were saving for the apocalypse, maxi pads I no longer need thanks to this miracle, some really old, questionable cleansing wipes, a broken hair clip, an iPhone cable that will practically electrocute you...just a bunch of random garbage that was hiding out in the bathroom closet. Plus some business cards, another blank journal, and a small NLT Bible. 

Day 27. I revisited my remaining In-Case-I-Lose-Weight clothes, because despite Days 22 and 23, I continued to hang onto several various pieces. Just in case. 

Most noticeably, the dress I wore to my sister-in-law's wedding in 2014. The only time I've worn it. It's a size 10. I'm a 14 now. It was an expensive purchase from Dillard's, one I paid too much for, because it was a reward for losing weight. There's also a pretty blue cowl neck sweater that I bought last year and never wore once because it was too small. A couple of other too-small pieces. Also gone today were a couple of small bags, a curtain, an unreliable blood pressure cuff, some random pens, several CDs I don't want, and some shoeboxes I was saving for "projects."

On Day 28, I hit up the jackpot I'd been saving for the end of the month.


Because I have a problem. And my husband, apparently, is just as bad. He loves free pens from everywhere. And everywhere loves to give out free pens. 

I hate freebie pens. Hate them. My refined self requires only the nicest of pens, and evidently, 200 of them. I put a rubber band around all of these and took them to Mellow Mushroom to share with my co-workers who are always asking to borrow my pens. Win-win for everyone.

On Day 29, I felt a slight rush of panic. I wasn't sure where to look because things seemed pretty pared down. 

Boy, was I wrong. So many muffin pans, so many drying racks. So many random odds and ends. Doggie sweaters that Annie despises. A pair of flats that are huge on my feet. A pair of adorable black ankle booties with giant heels I can barely walk in, heels that make me taller than my husband, which always makes me feel weird. My old Kindle. My old gait belt from the nursing home. And MORE. FLIPPING. SKINNY. CLOTHES.


Day 30. Getting close now. I had a few more things in my closet to go, then I wasn't sure where to look.

A hoodie that makes me feel old, because it looks too young for me. A Doctor Who tee that falls into the same category. My least favorite Mellow Mushroom shirt. My owl compression socks that are about sixteen sizes too small. Some stretched-out hair bands. A head band that causes major headaches. More crappy iPhone charger cables. Matt threw in his little fish toothpick holder (lol). And I finally decided to get rid of all these dumb decorative balls. Matt hates them, and has probably been secretly hoping for them to go since my first experience with Kon Mari. Well. They're gone now. 

Okay. Prepare yourselves. 

Day 31.

The final day.

20 packs of envelopes leftover from our wedding thank you cards. So ridiculous. I was saving them to make custom, handmade greeting cards to sell on Etsy (lol, all my crafty aspirations are so sad). Also gone today- the silk hydrangeas that decorated our wedding cake. A blank Thomas Kinkade greeting card that I have absolutely no idea where it came from (Seriously. It's mysterious origin is kinda creeping me out.). My old iPhone, Otterbox, and car charger. A Dollar Tree desk letter organizer that always caused increased stress. Two hand-painted hat boxes that I was storing unused craft items that are now removed from my life. 

And that, dear reader, concludes the Minimalism Game. 

31 days. 496 things. 

I feel so much better. So much lighter. So much more free. 

But I still could get rid of more. 

I still feel a bit suffocated. I'm still dreading packing alllll of our remaining things up and moving box after box after box into our new house. 

So, perhaps a Round Two is in order? I honestly don't think I could do another 31 days, but I'm thinking about seeing how long I can go. Maybe I'll try just a mini two-week variation or something, just in preparation of moving. Thoughts?

What do you think about this Minimalism Game? Could you do it? Have you done it? Do you wanna play along if I go another round? 

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Anna Marie Schaefer said...

The Mins game is going to be an August goal for me. We are planning a yard sale in a few weeks so this will be good preparation. I'm so sick of clutter but going through things seems overwhelming. But this way I'm just focused on finding a certain number of items rather than tackling my entire house.