#Mins Game- Week Two

I'm two weeks in, and I'm feeling good. I've already filled up two large cardboard boxes and multiple grocery sacks full of things to sell or donate. Week One was an easy start, perhaps too easy, and Week Two was only slightly more difficult. I have so much junk to get rid of, I'm currently thinking I could play this game again next month.

Then I remember the numbers for the last week. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31... *gulp*

Anyway, here's how Week Two went.

On Day 8, I decided to conquer my messy, overcrowded, too-stressful-to-sit-at-for-very-long desk.

Now, it's no secret that I love office supplies. When August rolls around and Target's Back-to-School section is in full swing, I have to fight the urge to buy all the things. I have to fight that urge because I already have all the things. I discovered on Day 8 that, evidently, I am a Sticky Note hoarder. Packs of Sticky Notes, all untouched, piling up in a basket on my desk shelf. I cleared out this many and started a donation pile for my husband to take to work (he works on a grant-funded wildlife research project that could use the supplies!).

On Day 9, I headed back to my desk.

Hey look, more Post-It notes, in their original packaging! A whole pack of file folder labels, also untouched. ...And our cash envelopes from yesteryear. We don't use actual paper envelopes any more now that I got my fancy wallet. I guess I've been hanging onto these for sentimental reasons? I'm not sure. Anyway, into the recycling bin they went.

Day 10, back at my desk again.

A whole box of Dollar General pushpins, unopened. A bag of more pushpins. A tiny stapler and its staples. A pile of old bills...from when we lived in Missouri. A lens wipe advertising for a local Honda Dealership (lol), and a cheapo bank pen. (Oh goodness. The pens. This is when I discovered what items I would be saving for the last week. I have a problem...)

Day 11, I returned to the kitchen (there's really no rhyme or reason with this for me; I just go wherever I can find stuff).

No, the curious pup is not one of the eleven things.

Here we have three wooden spoons of assorted sizes and a wooden spatula. Again with the duplicates. Even after removing these items, we still have about seven wooden spoons and spatulas. Same goes with the stainless spatula and spoon here. Now the coffee mugs. Of all the mugs we have, I pretty much choose the same one every day. I go to my favorite mug and never touch these; they just take up space in the cabinet. So, why keep them? Also pictured is probably my favorite purged item so far: a cherry pitter. A CHERRY PITTER. Why we even have this, why it even exists, is beyond me (trust me, I inherited it by marriage).

Day 12 consisted of more kitchen gadgetry.

As I've stated previously, we're trying to get rid of plastics. So these Christmas cookie cutters and that clear plastic serving tray needed to go. You will also note a cake leveler, a cheese knife (?), a handheld grater (we have three and this one is our least favorite), a box of tea nobody likes, and a nice, heavy tortilla press that we've never been able to figure out (I'm not sure if it's missing a part or what; it definitely won't flatten tortillas).

By Day 13, I got the last few things I could get from the kitchen, then headed to...my chest of drawers.

Three crappy oven mitts, two of which are seasonal (don't even get me started on the ridiculousness of seasonal oven mitts). A pair of bulky, awkward fleece pants. Some control top pantyhose still in the box (lol), three pairs of running socks that never quite fit right, a swimsuit and cover-up that I'll never squeeze into again, a too-small t-shirt with holes in it, a too-small tank top (are you seeing a sad, sad pattern here?), and a crocheted head wrap that I never wear.

And Day 14. More clothing from my drawers.

Shirts, shorts, and undies, all way too small. Part of me is tempted to hang onto all these "for when I lose weight", to keep them as "goal clothes." That's an inspiring idea, but allllll of these? I don't think so. I'll probably keep a couple of my favorite pieces that I'd like to get into again (cause trust me, there's more where this came from), but I surely don't need to keep everything.

And that concludes Week Two. 14 days, 105 items. Still so many more to go.

How is your experience of the Mins Game going? How do you feel about hanging onto skinny clothes in hopes of losing weight? Or, for that matter, hanging onto fat clothes in case you blow up again? What random kitchen gadgets do you never use that you could sell or donate? Share in the comments!

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