Plans for July

July is going to be a busy month for me. I'm leaving one job, starting a brand new full-time job, and possibly hanging on to one of my current part-time jobs to pick-up shifts occasionally to help our finances. We're also going to be starting the home inspection process of buying our first house!

Since we're going to be moving in a couple of months, we've decided to put the debt snowball on hold while we save up cash to help with this expensive transition. We're also tweaking our budget a bit to help us stretch our dollars.

1. We're cutting the grocery budget to $70 per week.

The last couple of months, we've budgeted $80 per week for groceries. Before that, we set aside $100 weekly. Food is where the majority of our money goes, so we really want to try to cut that down, at least for now while we have so much going on.

2. We're going to shop mainly at Aldi. 

Sure, some people look down their noses and call it the po' folks grocery sto', but you know what? They're nice, clean, well-organized stores who were green way before it was cool. And they have ridiculously amazing prices. Sure, finding a dozen eggs for $0.28 there makes me question ethics, but they also have an increasing line of certified organic products that are half the price of health food stores. We always have grocery money left over when we shop at Aldi, so in July, we're going to try to get everything there, if possible.

Also, in preparation for moving...

3. I've decided to finally play the Mins Game, created by The Minimalists.

I've talked about those guys on here a lot since I watched their life-changing documentary back in January, and I've been wanting to take their month-long minimalist challenge ever since.

I tried the Kon Mari method last year and it changed everything for me. It was my gateway into minimalism, and it pushed me to rid my life of so much unnecessary stuff, almost even the TV. I donated bags and bags and more bags of clothing. We had two yard sales. We sold things on eBay and Craigslist.

But I still feel like I'm drowning in excess. The drawers of my dresser still overflow with clothing I don't wear. Our kitchen is jam-packed with gadgets we don't use. We STILL have a box or two we haven't unpacked since we moved from Missouri!?!

So I'm downsizing again before the move into our new house by playing the Mins Game for the next 31 days. I drew this little chart to keep track of my progress:

How to play: each day, you get rid of something you no longer want/need/find useful. On the 1st, you get rid of one thing. On the 2nd, two things. On the 3rd, three things. It starts easy, but by day 28, you're scrounging for twenty-eight more things to eliminate from your life. By the end of the thirty-one days, you'll have removed over 500 items.

Sounds pretty fun, right? I can't wait to get started. Play with me and tell me how it goes!

What are your goals for July? How are you planning ahead?

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Jessica said...

Shooooot. I love me some aldi!

I think the Mins Game is going to be fun, although somewhat difficult towards the end!!

So excited for you and Matt and your new home!