Ways We're Stretching Money

2017 has been a tumultuous year for us financially. After unstable work, moving, and changing vehicles, we're trying extra hard here at the end to get our heads above the water. Here are a few new ways we're stretching our money these days.

Resuming the Snowball

Our debt snowball has been on hold since June.

Life has been pretty hectic since then. We've changed vehicles, moved out of our apartment, bought a house, begun remodeling the house, and gone through some job-related financial hardships and changed jobs (twice, actually).

After all this transition, I'm excited to finally be settling into our new home and establishing a new sense of normalcy. And with that, a brand new budget and an updated list of debts.

The Renovation Begins

We've turned in the keys to our apartment, said goodbye to its three flights of stairs, and fully moved into the new house. And I must admit, our new abode is in a state of disarray. With gutted walls, drywall dust, and various holes in the floors and ceiling, it's pretty much a chaotic danger zone.

Yes. The renovation has begun.