The Renovation Begins

We've turned in the keys to our apartment, said goodbye to its three flights of stairs, and fully moved into the new house. And I must admit, our new abode is in a state of disarray. With gutted walls, drywall dust, and various holes in the floors and ceiling, it's pretty much a chaotic danger zone.

Yes. The renovation has begun.

Our first work-in-progress is turning a portion of the second bedroom and its closet into a hall bathroom (because the floor beneath the existing hall bathroom is rotting due to shower leakage and will need to be completely replaced). The plan is to build this new, small, inexpensive bathroom that we can use while we slowly cash flow the renovation of the rotten-floor hall bathroom, which will eventually become the master bathroom. Having two full bathrooms, both newly renovated, will add notable value to the house if/when we sell in the future.

So, this is is what things have been looking like over the last few weeks:

Demo Day! Matt and Papa Mo begin gutting the second bedroom closet.

Partially gutted

New framing and drywall for the bathroom

New bedroom wall!
Looking into the second bedroom. The new bedroom closet entrance is on the right.
As you can see, our second bedroom has become our makeshift workshop. Since this makes this room unusable for anything else, the third bedroom has become the storage closet for all the things that belong in the second and third bedrooms or that are waiting to be peddled in a garage sale. 

The horror.

It looks like a house from Hoarders, and it overwhelms my minimalist sensitivities. At least I can close the door and pretend there's nothing behind it.

In other news, my husband and father-in-law installed a dog fence in the backyard.

They cut down a tree themselves and bought all the chain link supplies at Lowe's with most of the cash we received from the sellers at closing.

A fenced area with a single and a double gate will add resale value, and for now, Annie and Brenna love being able to run freely off leash!

We've also done some minor improvements around the yard. We've ripped out cheap plastic edging, annihilated a plastic menagerie, and unearthed undesirable flora (some of which may or may not have been silk flowers planted in the ground...)

Clearly there's a lot of work left to do (those photos should really say "during" instead of "after"), but I'm excited about the progress we've made so far. And I'm especially proud of the fact that we've paid for all of it- the move, the utility deposits, the building materials- with cash; no credit cards have been swiped! Our debt snowball is still on hold as we get settled, but I'm thankful (and a bit surprised, honestly) that we still haven't dug our pit of debt any deeper.

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Jessica said...

You've already made even more progress since this post, so that's exciting. Things are coming along! And I know nobody is missing those three flights of stairs. :)