Ways We're Stretching Money

2017 has been a tumultuous year for us financially. After unstable work, moving, and changing vehicles, we're trying extra hard here at the end to get our heads above the water. Here are a few new ways we're stretching our money these days.

1. Reducing housing costs.

The third-floor apartment we were renting was $795 a month and was set to increase to $925 monthly on November 3 (we moved in during a special they were running). Our new house payment, including home insurance, is $592.

I know Dave is completely against financing, but the fact is, we have to pay to live somewhere. You sure as heck can't rent a safe apartment for under $600 around here, and even if you could, why would you? Why would you not put that same $600 toward a mortgage, rather than just giving it to a landlord? It's a lot like leasing a car, and we all know how Dave feels about that. If we were to keep renting at $925/month for the next five years, that's $55,500. In rent. That same amount would pay over half our mortgage.

Besides, we're talking about an apartment on the third floor for $925 and a three-bedroom house with land for gardening and livestock for $592.

Come on.

Just changing our address has freed up an extra $330+ each month.

2. No home internet.

This one's a bit of an experiment. Since we've just moved, we've felt the burden of setting up utilities again and paying all those obnoxious deposits. As we've been paying cash for everything and funds are running low, we decided to not get internet, at least for now. We paid over $60 each month for Xfinity wi-fi at our apartment, and we mostly only used it to stream Netflix. I publish blog posts with internet, obviously, but that can be done at a cafe or the public library. Everything else is done on our smartphones.

So, to save ourselves $60 each month, if we need to use the internet, we hit up the library, where wi-fi is free for library-card-holders and there is no obligation to purchase a coffee while you're there.

3. I'm changing jobs and getting a $1.50 pay increase.

Yes, I've received and decided to accept a job offer at a different assisted living facility. I started looking elsewhere after there were some apparent "miscommunications" at my current employer regarding my full-time status and expected hours (there were a lot of problems, but there's no need to get into that here).

Anyway, the new job is truly full-time, but because it's twelve-hour shifts, I'll have about four days off each week. This little fact combined with higher pay ultimately convinced me to make this move.

The extra $1.50 per hour will provide an extra $200+ each month.

4. I also got a Dave job.

Have you heard of Shipt? It's a brand a new grocery delivery service, all through a smartphone app. Think Uber or Lyft, but instead of a personal driver, you're hiring a personal shopper. Delivering groceries for Shipt is extremely flexible; you put yourself on the schedule whenever you can and set your own hours.

I haven't started shopping yet, but I'm curious to see how that goes. My husband also just signed up for Rover, but his application is in processing. Really excited to see how much additional income we can generate and how it can boost our debt payoff.

5. Sell, sell, sell.

I'm still selling everything I can possibly find. Remember my #MinsGame? I have boxes and boxes of newly discarded items to peddle. This is in addition to all the totes of unsold stuff from previous garage sales in Missouri. Plus, the house we just bought contained some random, forsaken items from its former owner that we are trying to get rid of, too. That means more garage sales, more Facebook Marketplace posts, and more Craigslisting.

And more money in our pockets.

I sold a banged up particle board desk on Facebook for $15. We've also had two garage sales this month; the first one profited $114.75, and the second one a less impressive $38.25.

What ways are you stretching your dollars lately? Share in the comments! 


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