Packing Bags for a Natural Hospital Birth

When I was twenty-seven weeks pregnant, we unexpectedly had to go to labor and delivery, and I was admitted for nearly a week. It was still so early in the pregnancy, we thought we had months before we'd need to pack for the hospital. But there we were, throwing things into a bag in a state of near panic. That experience taught me a lesson, and as soon as I came home and began feeling better, I got to work on packing bags to have ready at the door. 

Creating a Nursery in a Small Home: Master Bedroom Nursery Nook

People have been inquiring about our nursery plans since I announced my pregnancy, and to be honest, I've felt a lot of embarrassment from the start as I gave my answer:

We don't really have room for a nursery, so we'll just be keeping the baby in our room.

Most people's responses to this don't do anything to discredit my embarrassment. But you have to have a nursery! 'Cause you know, nobody ever lived in a modest home with no space or funds to give a tiny newborn its very own, Pottery-Barn-catalog-worthy room.