2019 Goals: January

The only way to accomplish big goals is by breaking them down into smaller, more doable chunks. That's what I'm doing here. I'm looking at my list of goals for 2019 and seeing what smaller things I can do starting this month that will move me toward checking these things off when December 2019 rolls around.

1. Make the most of each day I am home with Claire.

(Put away the phone, talk to her, give her attention. Read with her. Play music. Make sure she's getting enough tummy time and working toward her developmental milestones. And enjoy just holding her, being with her.)

2. Continue breastfeeding. 

3. Eat healthy foods you will be OK sharing with Claire eventually.

(My big goal is to develop healthy habits to set an example for her. If I don't want her gorging on chocolate in a few years, I should probably go easy on the chocolate now. I'm going mostly plant-based, focusing on healthy vegetables and fruit, plus eggs from our chickens.)

4. Exercise five days each week.

(For now, that's low-impact cardio, yoga, and beginner-level strength-training. I'm not aiming to run just yet, unless I feel particularly good out on the track. I want to get back into a routine of simply moving my body again first. I'll walk when it's warm enough out, do videos on YouTube, and get out my old hand weights and resistance bands.)

5. Clean the dining room and clear the table so we can eat in there.

(Ahem. Yeah...)

6. Get a high-chair for Claire to join us at the table.

7. Limit Facebook and Instagram checks to once in the morning and once at night, unless it is to specifically share/promote my blog posts. 

8. Put down the phone and be IN the present.

9. Identify the best time of the day to write; work it around Claire's napping. 

10. Check work spreadsheet for article assignments each morning. 

11. Go outside for a bit on nice days.

12. Go for a hike with Matt.

13. Try to keep a positive attitude and be nicer to people.

14. Set up a bin to collect vegetable scraps instead of throwing them in trash. 

15. Make homemade bread.

16. Make vegetable broth with frozen scraps. 

17. Buy what I can from bulk bins. 

18. End Hulu subscription. 

19. Ensure that Amazon Prime subscription is not set to auto-renew in the fall.

20. Make a weekly menu and cook all meals at home. 

21. Have a budget meeting with Matt.

22. Decide on regular sinking funds for the year.

23. Create sinking funds for home renovation and things Claire will eventually need (bed, booster seat, etc.). 

24. Re-read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for decluttering inspiration (also, you know I'm going to binge her new show on Netflix). 

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