Goal Review: January 2019

I made some goals for the year, then for the month, and I actually didn't forget about them. Here's how it went down.

1. Make the most of each day I am home with Claire.   

I've been much more mindful during our time together since I made this goal. I've been trying to focus less on all the things I need to do around the house and more on enjoying her, soaking in what it feels like to snuggle her and make her giggle. She loves being read to, and I've been making sure to read at least two books each day to her. I also try to give her plenty of floor time where she is free to move and new household objects she can safely explore.

Also, I made a conscious effort to keep my phone within my reach but not in my hands constantly. However, clearly, I need to work on this because Claire is starting to reach for my phone. She does this, of course, because she sees me on it all the time, and she's beginning to copy what we do. 

2. Continue breastfeeding. ✓ 

Four and a half months in and still going strong! 

3. Eat healthy foods you will be OK sharing with Claire eventually. MEH.

Needs improvement for sure, but it was the best month I've had in a while. 

4. Exercise five days each week. X

Nope. I did average three to four days each week, switching between walking, HIIT workouts on YouTube, strength-training with resistance bands and a fifteen-pound baby, and yoga. 

5. Clean the dining room and clear the table so we can eat in there.  

Well, we can eat in there. It's not as bad as it was, but it's still a mess. The wall with the TARDIS drives me crazy.

6. Get a high-chair for Claire to join us at the table.  

My sister-in-law is letting us use my niece's old highchair! 

7. Limit Facebook and Instagram checks to once in the morning and once at night, unless it is to specifically share/promote my blog posts. MEH.

I've definitely cut down on my mindless scrolling, especially with Facebook, but I haven't stuck to this once in the morning/once in the evening routine. 

8. Put down the phone and be IN the present

Getting better at this, for sure!

9. Identify the best time of the day to write; work it around Claire's napping. 

She's been going through a big growth spurt this month, so good naps have been few and far between. I've learned I need to get my tail out of bed early in the morning and get to work if I want to write, or stay up late after everyone else has gone to sleep.  

10. Check work spreadsheet for article assignments each morning. 

For the month of January, I picked up and completed 8 articles. Prior to this, 5/month was my highest.  

11. Go outside for a bit on nice days. 

Forcing myself to do this has really brightened my mood and made me feel better. Plus, Claire really likes to take in the outside world! It's good for both of us!

12. Go for a hike with Matt. X

It's been so rainy here, and Matt has been working 6+ days a week. Between this and using his off days to travel to visit family, we never had a chance to do this. 

13. Try to keep a positive attitude and be nicer to people. MEH.

I like to think I've been doing a little better at this, but I'm not quite sure. 

14. Set up a bin to collect vegetable scraps instead of throwing them in trash. 

Complete! I made this large glass jar our countertop compost bin. When it's full, we take it out back and add it to the compost heap.  

15. Make homemade bread. 

I did this a couple of times. All the bread we ate this month was made from scratch by me.

16. Make vegetable broth with frozen scraps. 

Done- IN THE CROCKPOT. Easiest thing ever, OMG. You just dump all your frozen veggie scraps in the crockpot, cover with water, toss in two bay leaves, and cook on high for 8 hours. Once strained, I stored the broth in glass jars instead of freezer bags as I've done in the past. 

This works even better! No waste, takes up less space in the freezer, and the lines on the jars mark volume. 

17. Buy what I can from bulk bins. 

This is a real struggle, at least in Alabama. There aren't good bulk options in these parts. I did, however, do my best at this, and I used my reusable produce bags and bought loose produce when possible.

18. End Hulu subscription. 

No more Hulu!

19. Ensure that Amazon Prime subscription is not set to auto-renew in the fall. X

The account is in Matt's name, and I keep forgetting to ask him to check on this. But I do know for sure that our subscription is paid for through September, so there's no real rush to do this.

20. Make a weekly menu and cook all meals at home. 

YES. I'm cooking three meals a day now, and it's exhausting. (Also: our power bill went up $100 this month, and we can only relate it to stove/oven use. Any suggestions, aside from replacing the OLD stove that come with this house with a new energy-efficient one?! Because geez, I'd have happily given that $100 to restaurants instead.)

21. Have a budget meeting with Matt. 

It was depressing and nauseating, but we did it. 

22. Decide on regular sinking funds for the year. 

Yep. Now to have money to put in them. 

23. Create sinking funds for home renovation and things Claire will eventually need (bed, booster seat, etc.). 

We created the categories. Again, just need the money! 

24. Re-read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for decluttering inspiration (also, you know I'm going to binge her new show on Netflix). X

 I read a little, but didn't come close to finishing it. 

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