2019 Goals: February

1. Be mindful, present, and grateful every day with Claire.

2. Continue breastfeeding.

3. Eat the same vegetables I'm feeding Claire. 

(We'll be introducing vegetable solids this month, and it's going to be better for everyone if I eat the same kind of veggies I offer her.).

4. Track calories and water intake daily.

(I started doing this the last week of January, just to assess what I'm eating and determine why I'm not losing weight. It was quite....revealing. I found calorie-tracking to be helpful and motivating, so I'm gonna stick with it for a while to help me get back on track with proper nutrition.)

5. Exercise four days each week.

6. Compile a brand new running playlist to have ready to go in March. 

7. Limit social media checks to twice daily.

8. Keep my phone in a pocket or tucked away somewhere that I can still hear it, but where it's not constantly within sight for distracting, repeated checks. Limit use when Claire is around and keep out of her reach. 

9. Write during at least one baby nap each day.

10. Go outside for a while on nice days. 

11. Go for a hike with Matt.

12. Share any positive stories I come across on social media. 

13. Check recycling information on store packaging and choose the options that can be recycled here in town when possible. 

(I need to shop at Aldi due to finances, but boy, does Aldi love their packaging (Their produce is ridiculously packaged.). I can't afford to choose Whole Foods over Aldi right now, so I want to try paying attention to the little recycling numbers on the packages when I'm weighing my options at Aldi.)

14. Find ways to reuse/repurpose things that can't be recycled. 

(Could I use this non-recyclable plastic bin my mushrooms came in for storage? Or maybe I could use it to make a planter or seed starter. I want to challenge myself to be creative like this about reducing our waste during February.)

15. No stupid, unplanned dining out. Make a weekly menu and cook meals at home. Then actually eat them.

16. Have a February budget meeting with Matt.

17. Declutter and organize the kitchen.

18. Begin child-proofing the house.

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Anna Marie Schaefer said...

Just got caught up on your Jan review and Feb goals. This looks great! I found that I was actually excited thinking about my Feb goals because I had had so much success in the first month.