2019 Goals: March

1. Put Claire first. Focus on providing childcare, not "getting things done while I have a baby around." Be mindful and thankful for the ability to be with her daily.

2. Keep on breastfeeding. 

3. Successfully complete the March Dessert Challenge with Anna. 

(My BFF and I concocted a motivating dietary challenge for this month. We have to send each other a picture of each dessert we eat over the next thirty-one days. If one of us exceeds six desserts for the month, the other must post a dessert photo collage to Facebook. To avoid public humiliation, I will have to exercise some self-control around chocolate chip cookies.)

4. Exercise four times each week. 

5. Attempt one running session each week, starting mid-month. 

(This will require getting up early while the husband is around to care for baby and pumping for 20+ minutes first. I'm eager to run again, but I'm dreading the breastfeeding aspect so stinkin' much. I loathe dealing with pumping and bottles and sterilizing everything.)

6. Delete time-wasting phone apps and look into blocking social media sites on Safari (because deleting apps isn't enough; I still find them through the web browser). 

7. Keep up with daily screen time using the iPhone ScreenTime feature.

8. Write during baby naps daily.

9. Go outside for a while each day. 

10. Go for a hike with Matt.

11. Comparison shop between Aldi and Kroger.

(At Kroger, I can take my reusable mesh produce bags and buy loose vegetables and fruits. At Aldi, EVERYTHING is wrapped in non-recyclable plastic. It's gotten to the point where I don't want to shop at Aldi any more, but I must because of their prices. At least that's what I tell myself. I haven't actually looked at specific prices side-by-side. I want to do that this month to see if there's really that big of a difference.)

12. Write Aldi regarding their produce packaging. 

(Perhaps this is silly, but I complain about it to anyone who'll listen every time I go to Aldi, every time I unwrap a piece of their plastic-covered zucchini in my kitchen, every time I take out the trash. I'm wanting to be more proactive this year. I want to do some good in the world. So. Maybe instead of just whining to my poor husband, I can whine to the people in charge. If enough people complain, they'll make changes. It's something I can do.)

13. Keep track of how many garbage bags we fill up this month. 

14. Have a March budget meeting with Matt.

15. Use a portion of our tax refund to get started on constructing a third bedroom.

(Not quite as intensive as it sounds. We will not be building an addition; we are simply walling off an area of space that already exists, the space that used to be our living room. We're really just moving walls around.) 

16. Declutter, deep clean, and organize the bathrooms.

17. Complete my house cleaning list each week.

(I've let this go and my house is a wreck. I don't want to get too hung up on this one; I can't expect my house to look like it did pre-baby. But, the current mess is driving me crazy.)

18. Baby-proof the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom.

19. Find a local mommy meet-up group. 

(This is way outside of my comfort zone, but I'm also very tired of knowing no one. Making friends as an adult is so hard, but I'd like to give this a try. It'd be great if I could find another "hippie-ish" mom with a baby around Claire's age.)

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