2019 Goals: April

1. Continue breastfeeding.

2. Baby-proof bedroom and finish baby-proofing kitchen (trash/recycling bins, stove and fridge locks).

3. Plan one special playtime activity for Claire each week.

(Things like water play and other sensory activities that require a bit of planning and setup.)

4. Get below 200 pounds.

(I'm close enough now for this to be a reasonable goal. It would require a lot more effort and work than I've been putting in, for sure, but I could do it!)

5. Complete my custom workout challenge.

(Week One: Team Body Project's free one-week program; each subsequent week: 1-2 free TBP videos progressing according to their calendar, 1 session of Ab Ripper X, 2 20+ minute strength-training sessions with dumbbells, 1 1-mile run as fast as I can, 1 yoga/stretching day)

6. Go outside daily.

7. Go to a park once each week.

8. Create a zero-waste kit to leave in the car.

(A tote bag that contains a glass Pyrex I can use instead of a Styrofoam to-go box while dining out, a reusable straw, a metal fork/knife/spoon, and a couple of cloth napkins) 

9. Experiment with homemade makeup.

(A frugal and zero-waste experiment I've been wanting to try.)

10. Construct an outdoor clothesline.

(This hits like three yearly goals in one. It's better for the environment, reduces our power bill and saves us money, and it gets me outside.) 

11. Get up at 5:00 AM to write at least once each week.

(Not happening otherwise!)

12. Clean floors daily.

13. Organize new master closet.

14. Begin work on third bedroom.

15. Introduce myself in the mommy-meet-up group and make an effort to setup potential play-date.

16. Plan two social engagements. 

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