Goal Review: March 2019

1. Put Claire first. Focus on providing childcare, not "getting things done while I have a baby around." Be mindful and thankful for the ability to be with her daily. MEH.

I think I've gotten better at this. I try to get as much as I can done in the mornings before she wakes up, so I can pay more attention to her during the day. As for the second part, I'm still really struggling to be grateful and present in the moment, because I spend so much time worrying/crying/anticipating having to go back to work and put her in daycare. Our unstable financial situation is a constant threat. I can scarcely enjoy my time with her because I'm so stinking anxious about it being taken away. Really don't think I can do much to change this right now. 

2. Keep on breastfeeding. 

Another month complete! I am so thankful and proud of myself for doing this for over six months now.

3. Successfully complete the March Dessert Challenge with Anna. 

I only had two desserts all month! Our goal was less than six.

4. Exercise four times each week. 

HIIT, kickboxing, yoga, and now jogging. All of this plus cutting desserts led to a weight loss of 4.4 pounds for the month of March!

5. Attempt one running session each week, starting mid-month. 

During my first attempt, I ran one mile without stopping and my time was 13:14. The second time, I was pushing Claire in the jogging stroller and my time was 13:59. Pushing that giant stroller with a 16+ pound child inside makes for a real challenge.

6. Delete time-wasting phone apps and look into blocking social media sites on Safari (because deleting apps isn't enough; I still find them through the web browser). MEH.

As discussed in my recent blog post, Disconnect: How Do We Unchain Ourselves From Our Phones?, I did this early on in the month. However, a few weeks later, I unblocked Facebook because Safari started blocking lots of other websites that I tried to access. I don't know how to fix it. Maybe I'm just an ol' dum-dum who can't figure out the iPhone. Soooo, I've ended up back on Facebook. I did unfollow several people and pages that were causing anxiety and such (like local/national news), and that has helped. 

7. Keep up with daily screen time using the iPhone ScreenTime feature. 

This has been incredibly enlightening. Screen Time's daily and weekly reports really show you what you prioritize. It's been exciting to watch my time drop each week, but I'm still wasting so much time on social media. Especially Pinterest. I hadn't realized that it's just as bad as Instagram and Facebook because Pinterest has a productive feeling to it. I'm finding recipe ideas and workout plans, not just scrolling posts. But in actuality, it's become a bigger time-waster than both Instagram and Facebook combined.

8. Write during baby naps daily. X

...no naps, no write. 

9. Go outside for a while each day.  

I've gone for a few walks and jogs here and there, but I've at least tried to roam around the backyard with Claire. A couple of times, it was nice enough to roll a blanket out in the backyard and let Claire have some outdoor playtime for the first time. She had a great time exploring the outdoors, she plucked blades of grass and examined them closely with her fingers, found fallen leaves and twigs and acorns. It was adorable and so much fun to watch!

10. Go for a hike with Matt. X

I want to do this so badly, but his ridiculous work schedule isn't allowing this. I keep putting it on here as a goal in hopes that it will happen, but perhaps it's time to give up on this one.

11. Comparison shop between Aldi and Kroger. 

Much to my surprise, it pretty much evens out. Aldi is cheaper on some things, while Kroger is cheaper on others. Kroger's amazing personalized couponing options, Woohoo! markdowns, and their strong Ibotta presence make them pretty much as inexpensive as Aldi on everything besides meat.

12. Write Aldi regarding their produce packaging. 

Even if it accomplishes nothing, it was a satisfying experience to speak up about something I care about for pretty much the first time ever. Afterwards, I felt empowered enough to call Mediacom's customer service department and complain about the ridiculously wasteful Xtream Media mailers they send us at least twice a week. Woo!

13. Keep track of how many garbage bags we fill up this month. 

This was far more upsetting than I expected. I thought we'd been doing pretty well reducing waste, composting, and recycling and all that. But we still managed to fill up seven full-size kitchen garbage bags in one month. Granted, most of the trash piled up when we had company with us three weekends out of the month. But still. 

14. Have a March budget meeting with Matt. X

Our finances are a whole new kind of low. We can't get on the same page, and I don't want to go there on the blog. Maybe in the future I'll be willing to share details here. 

15. Use a portion of our tax refund to get started on constructing a third bedroom. 

I cleaned out the space that will become the third bedroom, then we bought supplies and piled them there. Progress. 

16. Declutter, deep clean, and organize the bathrooms. 

This one got a lil' crazy. First, one of the bathrooms got the KonMari treatment, and I moved Claire's changing table and all of her clothes and supplies in there. I wish I'd taken a before photo, but alas, I did not. Here's a "During and After" instead:

Next up, we conquered the sad little "master bathroom" in our bedroom. We'd really just been using it as a closet since Matt removed the sink and reinstalled it in the new bathroom. Also, because this was the "master closet":

TINY. Not much fit in here at all, so stuff overflowed into the bathroom, rendering it unusable for toileting. So, we had an idea. Why not just make this tiny closet-bathroom a legitimate master closet?

17. Complete my house cleaning list each week. MEH.

I said I was giving myself some grace with this one, as keeping an immaculate house is pretty much impossible nowadays and it's not what I need to be most concerned about at this point. I only wanted to get back into some routine of cleaning regularly, and I did that, just not perfectly. Looking forward, I at least need to prioritize keeping the floors swept and mopped since Claire's down there exercising and exploring all the time.

18. Baby-proof the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. MEH.

Living room and kitchen, check. Master bedroom still needs some improvements. 

All of the stuff under the kitchen sink was a baby no-no, so I pulled everything out, deep cleaned, and found new homes for everything. I then rearranged all of our bottom cabinets to house only baby-friendly items.

We still need to do something about the trash and recycling bins, and getting stove and fridge locks would be wise as well.

In the living room, I removed a bunch of junk, hid electric cords behind furniture, put down the area rug, and put away the coffee table.  

19. Find a local mommy meet-up group.  

I joined a city-wide mommy meet-up group on Facebook, but I haven't posted to introduce myself yet. Perhaps this will be my April goal. 

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