2019 Goals: May

1. Continue breastfeeding.

KonMari Claire's clothes and toys. 

(Yeah, she's only seven months old, but we already need to do this.)

3. Read to Claire daily.

(I've gotten lazy with this. We only have so many books, and I'm already sick of the ones we have.)

4. Go to the library.

(For both new options for Claire and me. I don't know why I never take advantage of this amazing free resource.)

5. C
omplete one 5K each week, in addition to a "power mile" each week. 

(Power mile= run just one mile as fast as I can.)

6. Continue weekly yoga and strength-training routines.

7. Go outside daily.

8. Get up early at least once each week to write.

9. Donate and/or sell items that are lying around the house waiting to go. 

10. Delete Facebook app after selling stuff on Marketplace.

11. Experiment with DIY blush and lip color.

12. Make or obtain more reusable produce bags. 

(As we've been refocusing on health, we're eating more fresh produce. The last few grocery trips, I haven't had enough produce bags to use for all the vegetables I buy.)

13. Begin work on third bedroom.

14. Clean up dining room. 

(Second time this year. I want to move the TARDIS and get rid of all the clutter that somehow ends up in there. I'd also like to put up trim, paint, and swap the light fixture, so that just ONE room in this house would be finished, but I think that's a bit too ambitious.)

15. Do something special to celebrate our anniversary.

(May 9 will mark four years of marriage. Finances are grimmer than ever and we don't have childcare, but I want to do something out of our ordinary daily routine to celebrate us.) 

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