2019 Goals: June

1. Continue breastfeeding.

2. Go to the library. 

3. Take Claire for walks at least once each week.

4. Log all food in MyFitnessPal.

(This was helping tremendously, but I got sick of logging...and quickly gained weight.)

5. Make a weekly healthy meal plan for the whole family.

(Every time we have overnight guests, our food routine is blown, and I have a really hard time getting back into it. But we're giving Baby Led Weaning another try, so planning healthy family meals is vital. If we eat crap, we can't share with Claire. Then she won't have anything to eat. So. Time to get this together.)

6. A session of yoga, a session of strength-training, and a session of cardio each week, minimum.  

7. Set limits on time-wasting apps.

(I recently discovered the Time Limit ability on the iPhone. You can set daily time limits for app use, and it will time out when you've reached your predetermined limit. So, I can still scroll Pinterest and Instagram, but not for hours upon end without realizing it.) 

8. Work on listening skills.

(This is a somewhat vague goal, but one my 2019 goals is to Be Present. And, um, I'm not the best at being present in conversations. I'm finding that I miss a lot of what other people say because I'm looking at my phone, obsessing over what Claire is doing, or thinking about what I should say next or what I should be doing around the house instead of listening to them talk. Yeah, I really need to work on active listening.)

9. Have a planned date night.

(After our anniversary experience, I realized how much I miss having fun with my husband. How quickly becoming parents changes your relationship! As we are broke and without childcare options, this will have to be cheap and at-home, but that shouldn't stop us from doing something fun and out of the norm.)

10. Find time to write at least once each week.

11. Go outside daily.

12. Find two old purses or bags for a Random Act of Kindness project.

(I've got a little project I'm working on. I can't spend money on it, so I need to locate two secondhand purses or bags I'm not using anymore that can be repurposed for this project.

13. Pick up any trash I find on my walks and dispose of properly.

(Falls under my Do Good and Zero Waste yearly goals. I always want to be a good human and pick up litter, but I'm never prepared. I'd like to take a trash bag and gloves with me and give this a try.) 

14. Keep a bucket in the shower to water plants or flush toilet. 

(A stupidly easy zero waste idea that can save us a bit of money.)

15. Make flax seed hair gel. 

(I keep seeing this all over the internet. I already have flax meal in the cabinet, so why not give this zero waste, budget-friendly recipe a try?)

16. Continue work on third bedroom. 

(Progress was made, but now our house is more of a danger zone than it was. No matter how much I vacuum and dust, I keep finding sawdust, wood chips, and bits of insulation in Claire's hands- and mouth! There is now NO safe space to leave Claire alone in for any period of time, no matter how brief, and that is stressful and exhausting for me. I have to carry her with me 24/7, even just to use the restroom. I know our house can't be perfect, but geez, can we at least reach some level of safety?)

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