About Me

I'm Jennifer, but I like it when people call me Jen. I'm 29. I married Matthew- my best friend, the love of my life, my Matt- on May 9, 2015, and we made two crazy moves, from Alabama to Illinois, then unexpectedly from Illinois to Missouri, in the months just after the wedding. In November 2016, we made another big move back home to Alabama- the northeastern city of Huntsville. We bought our first home here in August 2017, and we're slowly renovating and creating our very own little hobby farm and homestead. We're having a wonderful time living a simple, frugal life together in the Rocket City, and we just welcomed our first child, a daughter named Claire, in September 2018!

I'm a licensed practical nurse, but my primary passion is writing. In 2015, while working as a school nurse to pay the bills, I went back to school and, at long last, finished my B.A. in English. I graduated summa cum laude despite working full-time (with overtime) and planning a wedding simultaneously! I'm working toward getting paid to write, but for now, I'm content running this blog and writing stories that may never see the light of day. 

My other big love is health and wellness. I used to weigh 240 pounds. I've completely changed my life over the last few years, and I've become very passionate about real health, nutrition, and exercise. Despite my progress, I'm forever fighting the battle to overcome my old fatty ways. I've longed to be a runner since I was an obese kid watching people run on the beach as I played in the sand; I started running in 2012, and my ultimate goal is to complete a half-marathon. Once this baby arrives, I will definitely get back to posting more health and fitness related content here.

Since September of 2015, my husband and I have also been followers of the Dave Ramsey method. At that point in time, we had over $75,000 in debt. Thanks to sticking to Dave's rules, working hard, and making wise decisions, that number gets smaller with each passing month. That's primarily what you'll find me talking about on this blog.

Matt and I are also the parents of a very sweet rescued pup- a Jack Russell mix named Annie. Annie loves to cuddle, lounge in the sun, seduce people into sharing food with her, and other lazy pup activities.

In other news, I'm rather fond of making lists, charts, and Excel spreadsheets. I'm a Ravenclaw. And a Whovian. And an Anglophile, I suppose. I also love Coldplay, hot drinks, fancy ink pens, mornings, and Mexican food.